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Animals and their People

Animals and their people are captured by professional photographer-artist Lynn Boutté. Honoring the pets / animals with the people in their life with beautiful art for their peoples walls.
My Story

by Lynn Boutté

I have been touched and fascinated by images my whole life, since I was in grade school. I was never as interested in reading the words as much as I was looking at the pictures that told the story.

My other fascination as a child revolved around my connection with animals and nature. I believe that our connection with animals bring us closer to our  higher spirit. There is no doubt that our hearts are happier with animals.

After spending years in the photography business I have come to the realization that capturing animals with their people that love them and creating a beautiful lasting piece of art for their people makes my heart Happy.


Introductory Offer

Summer Special

Because Your Animals are SPECIAL!

Take advantage of a full portrait session on location of your choice at my normal rate of $225 and you will receive a complimentary 15" custom art print of your choice at no extra charge.

Give me a Call:  719-636-5116   


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