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Imaging Minds

Photography Lessons That Will Fill Your Soul

Teaching photography can occur with many different methods. I have found with my 33 years as a Professional Photographer that hands on training is the most lasting in learning the camera and Photoshop or other editing software. When your hands and brain are involved interacting while learning, the retention of what is taught is much more than any other methods. Most people want to learn more about photography because they enjoy creating the outcome, whether it's digital files or beautiful prints.

This is why I specialize in hands on training, whether it's Local Lessons or Adventure Excursions.

Lynn Boutté

On Location Adventures

Adventures to Learn more of Photography and to Photograph Our Beautiful  States

Our On Location Photographic Adventures include extensive lessons in photography in beautiful outdoor settings during the day. In the evenings you'll learn or improve enhancing your images in post production.

All this while enjoying some of the most Beautiful locations in our Country

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The Great Sand Dunes
3 Day Ride & Photography
4 Days of Photography & Motorcycles
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Lizard Head Pass, Colorado on Motorcycles
The Great Sand Dunes - Colorado

Capture the Great Sand Dunes

May 18-19 2024

Photography and Motorcycles on Independence Pass

Motorcycles & Photography Adventure

Choose Your Experience!

Enjoy the exerience of riding through the mountains of Colorado While improving your photography skills

Pikes Peak Photography

Local Phoptography Lessons

by Lynn Boutté

Your Best Way to Learn

Individual Personalized Lessons ... Where you can learn at your own pace and according to what you want to learn. Your lesson will be one on one with Lynn and your camera and or computer if wanted

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5 Hour Lesson Photography/Photoshop
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3 Hour Lesson on Photoshop
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2 Hour Lesson on Photography
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Fall Aspens

Imaging Minds is a collaboration of Photographic Students and Teacher learning from each other; styles of lighting, composition, color, photoshop and cameras.  Even with my 30+ years of experience as a Professional Photographer, I sometimes walk away from my photography classes feeling I learned as much or more from my students. Only to teach that in the next class.... Lynn Boutté

Imaging Minds - DaVinci

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
Albert Einstein

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